What İs Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style

What is modern farmhouse decorating style is an interior design style that emphasizes practicality, simplicity and rustic appeal. While farmhouse style tends to reflect the aesthetics of rural architecture, it also embraces modern comforts, creating a look that is both comfortable and stylish. The modern farmhouse style has grown in popularity over the years, particularly with HGTV programming and the wildly successful Magnolia furniture line.

Farmhouse style furniture tends to be practical in both form and function, with simple trimmings and a worn, weathered look. When it comes to modern farmhouse style furniture, expect to see lots of natural materials and textures, sleek lines, warm neutrals, and vintage accessories.

The History of Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style arose out of necessity, not as a deliberate response to other dominant styles. Early farmhouses were built with what was readily available, including wood, stone, and other natural materials. Once the industrial revolution hit, farm life got easier, which took farmhouse style out of necessity and upgraded it to an enviable aesthetic. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the farmhouse style became mainstream and spread to homes that were not part of a functioning farm.

The modern farmhouse style owes much of its popularity to the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, which showcases rural and urban homes that are stylish yet comfortable. Today, modern farmhouse furniture can be found across the country.Wondering if the modern farmhouse style is right for your home? Here are the main elements of farmhouse style furniture so you can incorporate them into your home decor.

What İs Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style
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Classic farmhouse vs modern farmhouse

Here is the key distinction between the classic farmhouse aesthetic and the modern farmhouse style. The classic farmhouse style tends towards a maximalist sensibility, while the modern farmhouse aesthetic has a more minimalist look that goes well with contemporary interior styles. The classic farmhouse aesthetic took things literally, offering barn-style doors, shipyard walls, and faux rustic accessories.

The modern farmhouse, on the other hand, has a mix of old and new, with a streamlined look that feels totally up-to-date. While the classic farmhouse trend has been around for years, the modern farmhouse look has only recently become popular.

What İs Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style
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Farmhouse Practicality in Form and Function

One of the most dominant elements of farmhouse style is practicality. When the farmhouse style emerged, people decorated it with anything useful and useful. Furniture was not easy to obtain, so everything that was built was built for a clear and practical reason. This practicality is not just about function, it also extends to form. Unlike traditional furniture with ornate details, the form of farmhouse furniture tends to be simple, with a focus on functionality rather than decoration.

natural materials
Unlike the original farmhouse style, you don’t need to use materials that can only be found right outside your home. However, the modern farmhouse style still favors natural materials, including reclaimed wood, stone, wicker and cotton flooring. If you’re decorating your home in a modern farmhouse style, the more natural the material looks, the better. To reflect the country chic of the modern farmhouse, opt for matte finishes and low-gloss materials to create warmth and style.

We tried to answer what is modern farmhouse decorating style, if you have any ideas, you can specify them in the comment section.

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