How to create a modern farmhouse style

How To Create a Modern Farmhouse Style

How to create a modern farmhouse style? When it comes to something as intimate as one's home, people add their own touch to a particular style to suit them best. Apparently, many people loved the cozy farmhouse feel, but didn't mind rustic finishes like chipped paint or galvanized metal. This gave rise to the modern farmhouse style.

So what defines modern farmhouse style? As the name suggests, the modern farmhouse is a clean and updated version of the rustic and cottage-style farmhouses of rural America. At the heart of the modern farmhouse are clean lines, modern black surfaces and enough natural elements to make it comfortable.

Farmhouse Prioritizing Your Color Palette

The classic American farmhouse was filled with muddy burgundy, tan, and olive tones that created a naturally warm and comforting color palette. Meanwhile, modern homes are often seen with a cool color palette that includes stark whites, grays, bright blues and the deepest blacks. When you combine these two in a modern farmhouse designs, you get a home with a neutral yet still warm and cozy color palette.

To achieve this in your home, paint the walls a bright white with warm undertones. Compare that to the rustic feel of wood beams or a large refurbished wood dining table like the Stratford Dining Table. Dark black window coverings add a modern twist, while beautiful beige and tan fabrics can soften harsh lines and bring that fresh farmhouse feel.

How to create a modern farmhouse style
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Basic Elements of a Modern Farmhouse

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to being as personal as someone's home, people like to mix their personalities into the style of their home. Even so, there are some key elements that almost every modern farmhouse has in common.

Basic elements of a modern farmhouse; Wood accents, Sliding Barn Doors, Unique Hardware, Antique touches, Shiplap.

How to create a modern farmhouse style
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Choosing the Right Accessories for the Farmhouse

Light fixtures are a great place to start, as you can instantly update the feel of any room with new lighting. For example, you can choose a modern chandelier at the dining table and wrought iron sconces in the hallway. It is true that white modern farmhouse is frequently preferred. However, different choices can be made in light tones.

Then consider items used in agriculture such as galvanized buckets and wire baskets. Using these pieces in unusual ways can update your home with a modern farmhouse feel. For example, you can use a large galvanized bucket to hold a cozy, white blanket in the living room or stack wire baskets in the kitchen to hold piles of fruit.

How to create a modern farmhouse style
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Farmhouse Unique Hardware

Even the most modern farmhouses have unique touches that will remind you that they are still a farmhouse. The art of restoring the new instead of making old things new again is officially a great thing for designers these days. Alongside the unique hardware that modern farmhouses offer, we're seeing more hardware colors and materials like copper and even leather.

how to create a farmhouse modern style for a unique design, it is very important to have a comfortable environment. Different designs can of course be an idea you want. However, you should not forget that the most comfortable environment is the one where you will feel comfortable.

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