farmhouse modern style

The modern farmhouse style evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. Unhurried traditional, non-museum classic and comfortable enough to make you want to put your feet up and stay for a while. Classic farmhouse style evokes farmhouses with plenty of vintage furniture and traditional fabrics, while farmhouse modern style is a little less rustic and adds more contemporary touches like a neutral color scheme and smooth lines.

The modern farmhouse is all about mixing comfortable furniture with salvaged materials like reclaimed wood. Antiques are right at home in the interiors of modern farmhouse, but none are too delicate to touch. Everything is tactile and tangible. Most importantly, modern farmhouse style is comfortable without being messy.

What İs The Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse is a contemporary interpretation of rustic style, so everything is designed to ensure you have everything you need to continue living a modern life with just a farmhouse color. While cottages are beautiful, this style takes our favorite comforting elements from there and adds stylish touches with smooth lines, brushed metals and neutral palettes.

Fabrics and materials are kept in a fairly solid color pattern, this will keep the look from getting too eclectic and rustic and instead make it feel as curated and thoughtful as one would expect from a modern home. The modern farmhouse is similar to the country style; however, while country tends to lean towards a little kitschy, the farmhouse retains a certain level of sophistication. Country relies heavily on accessories, while farmhouse keeps them to a minimum.

Farmhouse Modern Style

Get the Modern Farmhouse Look

The key to achieving the modern farmhouse look is all about comfort. Furniture should invite you to sit and nothing should look too fragile to touch. There is a sense of inferiority that invites laughter and a sense of fun.

Start with a color palette of warm or cool neutrals (cream, beige, silver, sage, and gray) and then layer on some natural wood tones. Look for salvaged wood that is slightly worn and weathered whenever possible. Scratches, knots and nicks add to the authenticity of the look.

Feel free to use colors you love as accent pieces, but try to keep the overall color scheme neutral with light colors to stay true to the look. Contrasting black elements add some edge.
Make sure to use a variety of textures to add some depth to the look. Mix woods and metals and combine fabrics like cotton, canvas, wool, chenille or whatever else you want. Since farmhouse modern style is largely made up of neutral colors, you'll need a mix of textures to keep the space from looking plain.

Layer in some mixed metals with lighting fixtures; equipment; and architectural details such as balustrades. As a general rule, it's best to use no more than three metals per room.
Use organic materials to make the space feel like it's connected to the outdoors. Wooden floors and architectural details are best, but also consider using stone, wicker, rattan, sisal, and other natural materials wherever it makes sense.

Accessories are an important element, but under no circumstances should you overdo it and try to tighten it too much. All you need to complete the look are a few well-placed accessories with room to breathe.

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