What İs a Modern Farmhouse Style?

What is a modern farmhouse style? The modern farmhouse trend was hugely popular in 2022 and will be for many years to come.

This contemporary yet casual style is in keeping with the spirit of the times, allowing for more personality than urban chic and calmer than traditional country styles. As with any new look, there's a lot to learn out there, so we've created our guide on how to get modern farmhouse style in your own home.

Discover with us the nuances of this trend, what colors you should look for and what materials you can use in your design. See more modern farmhouse ideas - creative ways to perfect this style in your home - in our design gallery.

What İs The Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse style is the perfect blend of a traditional country look with a more minimal contemporary design. Clean lines and an elegant aesthetic have been the style of choice for interiors for some time, but with so much going on in the world these days, we're dying to tap into more relaxing, comfortable elements.

As with this Nicky Dobree-designed interior, the modern farmhouse maintains a fresh look and still embraces natural elements and celebrates the beauty of imperfections throughout.

What İs a Modern Farmhouse Style

Characteristics of Classic Farmhouse Style

Natural wood accents: Wood was abundant and therefore a natural building material. Farmhouses often have paneled wood walls, wide plank floors, and exposed wood beams. Today's classic farmhouse style often uses barn wood for accent panels and butcher block for countertops. Apron sinks, Nothing says farmhouse like an apron sink. In a classic farmhouse this sink is usually porcelain.

Old furniture and accessories: An easy way to decorate in a classic farmhouse style is to use vintage furniture. It is best if they are not in perfect condition and may even have worn surfaces. Vintage-inspired lighting looks ideal in a classic farmhouse. Traditional fabrics: Decorative fabrics lean towards floral and patterned fabrics, and slipcovers give vintage furniture a second life.

What İs a Modern Farmhouse Style

What İs The Difference Between Country And Farmhouse?

When you hear the word 'farmhouse' you can imagine the classic rustic look, maybe a little messy and without any strong design threads. This is where the 'modern' element of this style matters. Emma Sims-Hilditch, founder of Sims Hilditch, says that although people often desire the appeal of a country-style home, they "also want their home to be useful and work for their needs."

The modern farmhouse is a contemporary interpretation of rustic style, so everything is designed to make sure you have everything you need to continue living a modern life, with just a farmhouse color. While cottages are beautiful, this style takes our favorite relaxing elements from there and adds stylish touches with smooth lines, brushed metals and neutral palettes.

Emma Sims-Hilditch suggests a few ways to achieve a modern farmhouse look without going overboard with a classic cottage look. 'For us, modern farmhouse style is all about creating a cozy interior with layers, pattern and color. One way to achieve this look (if budget allows) is to open the ceilings to expose the joists and make the most of the height. Alternatively, adding materials like whitewashed wood trim to walls and ceilings can instantly transform a room. When it comes to choosing fabrics, try pairing multiple patterns and materials such as soft velvet and thick linen in a similar color palette.'

What İs a Modern Farmhouse Style

What Are the Best Modern Farmhouse Style Neutral Colors?

When you think of the modern farmhouse, think neutral. One of the easiest ways to start creating this look is to layer whites, creams, and soft grays. By adhering to a largely neutral scheme, you add the contemporary freshness the style demands.

"Off-white or pale neutral is always a good approach to keep a room from looking stark," says Little Greene, Creative Director, Ruth Mottershead. 'The use of different neutral tones from the same color family gives a sense of coherence with subtle nuances, providing layering and seamless transitions from room to room. Consider the use of graduated hues of a color – for example, our Little Greene 'Color Scales' collection presents our most popular colors in four graded hue families made using the same pigments, just in different strengths. French Grey, Slaked Lime, Portland Stone, and Rolling Fog are just some of the neutral color families in this collection that would work beautifully in a modern farmhouse.'

Get inspired to mix neutrals in this modern farmhouse kitchen, which uses heartwarming Cork on the wall and vibrant, contemporary Flint on the units; Both paints are from Little Greene.

What İs a Modern Farmhouse Style

What Are Good Farmhouse Colors

Part of the key to adding 'modern' to the modern farmhouse is adding contrasting colors against the neutral background. Interior designer Kate Lester draws attention: 'Don't forget the black! Adding black tones doesn't make the space feel darker, in fact it's the opposite! Black pairs perfectly with vibrant white and creates a perfectly balanced backdrop for rugs and furniture.'

Another way to let your personality shine through with colors is to look for softer tones. A few touches of pastel pink and sage green add a feminine twist while keeping the modern scheme strong.

What İs a Modern Farmhouse Style

What Ist Modern Farmhouse Architecture

The modern farmhouse style is as appealing from the outside as it is from the inside. Traditional cottages offer many of the key architectural notes used by modern farm buildings; wood cladding, roofed areas, and often wrap-around porches. Other exterior touches to consider are industrial elements such as metal light fixtures.

This more contemporary interpretation calls for a vibrant paint finish on the outside. White is one of the most classic colors for painting farmhouses. During the colonial period, whitewash was used as it prevented mold and also offered mild antibacterial properties. Today these are less of a concern, but choosing to keep the exterior in traditional whitewash while adding contrasting highlights of a darker color, usually black, keeps everything modern and fresh.

What İs a Modern Farmhouse Style

The Origins of the Farmhouse Style

Whether called classic, vintage, rustic, or traditional, farmhouse style has a historic place in America. Taken from the farmhouses of the early settlers, this style mimics the look and feel of bygone days. It combines the simplified, minimalist decor shaped by the farmhouse residents' surroundings and their need for sturdy, practical furniture.

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