how to decorate a modern farmhouse living room
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What architectural style is a farmhouse? +7 Tips

What architectural style is a farmhouse? +7 Suggestions Whereas not all homesteads are discovered on working farms, they’re typically situated on beneficiant plots of land and have loads of open house. Patioes are an important design component that gives farm employees a spot to wipe their sneakers and take away soiled clothes earlier than coming into the home; Sticking to the non-standardized plans of farmhouses, they will have any variety of porches and are sometimes present in enclosed, screened and sprawling wrap kinds.

A farmhouse is typically associated with a specific architectural style known as “Farmhouse Style” or “Farmhouse Revival.” This style has its roots in the vernacular architecture of rural farmhouses found in various regions. However, it has evolved and been adapted into a distinct architectural style that is popular for both rural and suburban homes. Here are some key features of the farmhouse architectural style:

  1. Simple Design:
    • Farmhouses are characterized by simple and straightforward designs. They often have a rectangular or square footprint with a gabled roof.
  2. Gable Roof:
    • The most common roof shape for farmhouses is a gable roof with a steep pitch. This design helps shed snow and rain effectively. Some farmhouses may have dormers on the roof.
  3. Wide Front Porch:
    • A hallmark of farmhouse architecture is a wide, covered front porch. This space is often used for relaxing and socializing, emphasizing the connection between the indoors and outdoors.
  4. Horizontal Siding:
    • Farmhouses typically feature horizontal siding, such as clapboard or board-and-batten. White or light-colored siding is common, although other neutral tones are also used.
  5. Simple Symmetry:
    • Many farmhouses exhibit a symmetrical facade with a centrally located front door. Windows are also often arranged symmetrically.
  6. Large Windows:
    • Farmhouses tend to have large, practical windows to maximize natural light. Double-hung windows are common, and sometimes windows have shutters.
  7. Functional Elements:
    • Functionality is a key aspect of farmhouse design. Practical features such as mudrooms, large kitchens, and ample storage space are often incorporated.
  8. Wooden Elements:
    • Wooden elements, both inside and outside, contribute to the farmhouse aesthetic. Exposed wooden beams, hardwood floors, and wood-clad interiors are common.
  9. Barn-Inspired Details:
    • Given the rural roots of the farmhouse, some designs incorporate barn-inspired details, such as sliding barn doors, exposed beams, and metal fixtures.
  10. Neutral Color Palette:
    • Farmhouses typically feature a neutral color palette. Whites, creams, grays, and earth tones are popular choices, contributing to a clean and timeless look.
  11. Open Floor Plans:
    • Many modern interpretations of the farmhouse style embrace open floor plans, creating a sense of spaciousness and flow between rooms.
  12. Rural Setting:
    • While the architectural style can be adapted to different settings, the farmhouse style is often associated with rural or suburban environments.

It’s worth noting that the term “farmhouse” has become quite popular, and there are various interpretations and sub-styles within the broader farmhouse category, including Modern Farmhouse, Southern Farmhouse, and more. Each may have specific nuances and features that distinguish it within the farmhouse architectural style.

What architectural style is a farmhouse

The inside of a farmhouse is modest and unpretentious, with a lot of uncovered wooden and little if any ornament. The rooms on the entrance of the home have been spacious and extra formal as they have been designed to host members of the family, enterprise companions and neighbors. The rooms behind the home have been smaller and extra snug residing and eating areas.

What makes a farmhouse style house?

What makes a farmhouse style house? Most likely crucial room in a conventional farmhouse was the kitchen, and even in fashionable iterations this room is giant, spacious and well-equipped. In older properties, the kitchen could have an adjoining fireside room, an open hearth, and a pantry. Farmhouse kitchens typically characteristic a central island, a big wooden cupboard or open shelving, and room for a big desk.

Farmhouses will not be constructed on basement foundations, so older properties could solely have small crawl areas or a cool, excavated cellar under the primary ground. Most have an open loft used for storage; Changing the loft right into a bed room or extra residing house is a well-liked fashionable renovation.

What makes a farmhouse style house

Widespread options of farmhouse fashion properties embody


  • Easy, rectangular or sq. ground plans
  • One or two storey excessive
  • Sensible, easy design
  • Pure constructing supplies equivalent to wooden and stone
  • large open house
  • Massive useful porches
  • Dormer pitched roofs


  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • Massive, formal entrance rooms
  • Modest sized bedrooms and bogs
  • Additional giant kitchen
  • open loft

Farmhouse Historical past

There isn’t any single distinct, distinctive farmhouse What architectural style is a farmhouse in America; farmers constructed them in accordance with their particular person wants, and since they have been frugal, sensible individuals, the development and design of those homes was typically decided by the constructing supplies out there and native geography. The primary American farmhouses have been usually constructed by the farmers themselves utilizing old-world strategies introduced from their dwelling nations. Farmhouses in New England have been principally made from timber, as within the previous nation. In Pennsylvania, expert German masons constructed farmhouses out of mortar, stone, and brick. Within the predominantly Scandinavian Midwest area, wood farmhouses use the clear traces and delicate coloration palette of Scandinavian structure. What Are the Completely different Forms of Farmhouses?

salt field

The salt field home is a colonial New England fashion home named after the wood salt pots that have been widespread on the time. The historic salt homes are simply recognizable by their signature one-sided pitched roof traces and easy colonial façades.

Cracker Fashion

These additional tiny properties are so simple as they arrive; The unique cracker-style farmhouses have been constructed by American settlers who wanted shelter as shortly as potential. This fashion options wood (often cedar) siding and a metallic roof with a deep porch and symmetrical home windows that open large to catch the diagonal breezes.

Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouses have stone partitions and wooden particulars; their designs advanced from the normal development strategies of early German immigrants, recognized for his or her masonry expertise.

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