How do I decorate in modern farmhouse

How Do I Decorate In Modern Farmhouse? 7 Tips

How Do I Decorate İn Modern Farmhouse? 7 Tips The terms modern and farmhouse may once have seemed like opposite concepts, but this combination of design styles is now becoming a big trend. Blending rural elements with a contemporary twist, modern farmhouse decor combines clean lines, neutral color palettes, layered textures and natural materials to create a timeless look brimming with character. Whether you're looking for an updated look to the farmhouse kitchen or a cozy rural-inspired living room, this style strikes the perfect balance between old and new.

If you want to add some classic and modern character to your home decor, modern farmhouse style may be right for you. This article will be full of modern farmhouse decor ideas and we'll tell you everything you need to know to create the ideal ambiance in your home.

Combine Styles and Periods

Combine modern and vintage elements for a mix rich in character. In this farmhouse bedroom, barn boards cover the ceiling with rustic texture that contrasts with the trendy geometric rug on the floor. The vintage-style metal bed is furnished with crisp white linens and simple striped pillows. At the foot, there is a bench made of recycled wood beam on modern black hairpin legs.

How do I decorate in modern farmhouse

Rustic and Contemporary Together

Modern farmhouse decor highlights the perfect mix of elements you'd find in farmhouses with contemporary ones. Light stones and wood combined with materials such as stainless steel, stylish lighting and solid marble or granite countertops create an air of natural yet sophistication.

How do I decorate in modern farmhouse

Plenty of Open Space

Cozy windows and high ceilings with fantastic lighting can complete the overall look of modern farmhouse style. Lots of wide open spaces allow for stunning views and light streaming. Even if your home's location doesn't offer a spectacular view, the oversized openings still break down the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces wonderfully.

Now, what does it mean to live in a modern farmhouse? It's like you're in a high-end living space but still close to nature. Natural, comfortable and cozy with a bit of elegance and charm - that's what modern farmhouse style has to offer.

How do I decorate in modern farmhouse

Renovated Modern Farmhouse Decor

There's nothing more exciting than uncovering dusty treasures like outdated wooden boxes and bubbly glass containers from an old farmhouse. Instead of placing your farmhouse antiques where you expect them or on the shelf, try rethinking their purpose. Here, old glass bottles are given new life as contemporary pendant lamps.

How do I decorate in modern farmhouse

Spacious Open Beams in a Farmhouse

Adding exposed beams to your home is a great idea if you want to add some rusticity and a lot of character to your living space.

There's no denying that exposed beams are an exciting architectural feature that will add an impressive flair to your space. Not only that, it can accentuate a large space, make your room warmer, and help you showcase ornate focal pieces like gorgeous chandeliers.

For a simple yet elegant interior design idea, try a "house-shaped" decor and frame your room with exposed beams to create a home-within-home theme.

How do I decorate in modern farmhouse

Swipe to Modern Farmhouse Design

One design technique that has thrown farmhouse decor into the mainstream spotlight is the sliding barn door. Both practical and stylish, this on-trend accent nods to the agricultural roots of modern farmhouse style. Outfit a barn door with contemporary X-shaped molding and glossy white paint for an instant look.

How do I decorate in modern farmhouse
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Stylish Frame Roofs on a Farmhouse

The frame roof provides a distinctive and stylish look that is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a modern farmhouse style without much effort. With its simple yet visually interesting design, the A-frame house makes an incredible first impression.

Even if your home is in an urban area – if it has an A-frame roof – it will always take your mind back to nature. In your modern farmhouse with its mountain peak-like peak and refreshing pine trees, you will feel alone with nature while enjoying the innovative elements of a contemporary home.

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