White Modern Farmhouse

The beauty, simplicity and comfort of the white modern farmhouse style evolved from the basic needs of different generations of homeowners who focused on functional elements. Now, the unpretentious look of a modern white farmhouse exterior is gaining popularity even among homeowners who want a height that stands out from the rest.

The white modern farmhouse took care of practical considerations such as efficiency and durability, while at the same time evolving, giving designers a playground. A modern farmhouse design like the one above by Biringer Builders can even be inspired by other architectural styles, but the look remains cohesive as functional needs are never forgotten. The outdoors are never left out of the picture, and the simple design features return time and time again to give this style a sense of familiarity.

History Of The Farmhouse Style

The white farmhouse style was first chosen by working-class Europeans, as it could be efficiently built by hand with economical materials. The style quickly spread throughout the United States in the 1700s, with the familiar white siding as whitewashed wood provides additional weather resistance.

One of the farmhouse's most defining features, the grand front patio, sprouted about 130 years ago. It started as a status symbol and evolved into a functional space in the south that allowed family gatherings during the hot summer months. This space featured long-standing family traditions and how Americans spent their time after a long day of work.

White Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Today

The actual modern farmhouse is only a few years old, and designs have often moved in one of two directions: some homeowners embrace the classic look and lean more towards the whitewashed and vintage aesthetic, while others prefer to combine other architectural styles with architecture. more sophisticated details.

For example, plank and batten siding adds to the farmhouse's rural aesthetic, while black windows and dark metal roofs bring contemporary appeal, as in the example below by DJK Custom Homes.

Even the most customized modern white farmhouses feature elements such as the inviting front porch, simple lines, and large windows. As the homeowners step into modern design touches, it continues to have a traditional aesthetic that has one pillar of comfort and safety that has become synonymous with comfort. The result is the modern farmhouse, a style that combines functionality with design to meet the needs of the modern homeowner.

White Modern Farmhouse

Features Of A Modern Farmhouse Outdoors

There is great variation between modern and white farmhouse exteriors, but certain defining features make modern farmhouse style unique.

A beautiful front porch: Front porches don't just close the door in a modern farmhouse. They are spacious, welcoming, and covered for protection from the weather. On the front porch of the modern farmhouse, you'll often see porch swings or even tables and chairs, as they are meant to be used for outdoor living.

White teeth: As in the beautiful example below from Acker Builders, the siding of a modern farmhouse is usually white, but some designers are playing with darker colors for a more contemporary appeal.

Rustic-looking materials: While the building materials of a farmhouse are traditionally made of wood, modern building materials such as fiber cement provide the same design aesthetic but require less ongoing maintenance.

Lots of big windows: Since many modern farmhouses have views throughout the day, lots of large windows are used to bring the outside in and expand the open feel of the interior.

Triangular roofs: In this roof shape, the sides of the two slopes meet at an apex. It is a classic design widely adapted to survive in different weather conditions.

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