what makes a modern farmhouse exterior

What Makes A Modern Farmhouse Exterior

While not all what makes a modern farmhouse exterior, most of them are clad and can be clad with vinyl siding, vertical or horizontal planks, or brick. The exterior is simple with simple decorations around the windows or possibly shutters to add a little detail.

Farmhouses in the past were typically clad in white clapboard cladding. It is a simple, classic color. These homes are not meant to make a statement, but rather housed a large, hardworking family.

What Makes a Modern Farmhouse?

While every home has subtle variations to make it unique, there are a few key architectural features that truly qualify a design as a Modern farmhouse. You know you've seen the style over 1000 times on Pinterest, but you may not really be able to identify what sets it apart from other genres like a Craftsman or Cottage house. Pay attention to these essentials and you will be on the right track.

It's no secret that modern Farmhouse Style has taken the country by storm. In addition to the actual architecture of the exterior and interior, the decor has become extremely popular. The great thing about modern farmhouse style is that it can be big or small! Even if you don't have a modern farmhouse, you can easily incorporate many elements of this style into your home.what makes a modern farmhouse exterior

Features Of A Modern Farmhouse Outdoor

The modern farmhouse has evolved to provide a playground for designers, while at the same time taking care of practical considerations such as efficiency and durability. A modern farmhouse designs like the one above by Biringer Builders can even be inspired by other architectural styles, but the look remains cohesive as functional needs are never forgotten. The outdoors are never left out of the picture, and the simple design features return time and time again to give this style a sense of familiarity.

Rustic-looking materials. While building materials for a farmhouse were traditionally made of wood, modern building materials like fiber cement achieve the same design aesthetic, but require less ongoing maintenance. Cement siding achieves the look of natural wood, but is engineered to withstand damage from moisture and rot and holds no appeal for woodpeckers, termites and other pests.

what makes a modern farmhouse exterior

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Today

The true modern farmhouse is only a few years old, and designs have often moved in one of two directions, some homeowners embrace the classic look and lean more towards the whitewashed and vintage aesthetic, while others prefer to combine other architectural styles with more sophistication. .

If you're considering siding for a modern farmhouse style, some popular color suggestions include Arctic White for a traditional look or Iron Gray for a more contemporary feel. We told you about the details in our what makes a modern farmhouse exterior article, and you can send what you want to add in the comments section.

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