What is replacing modern farmhouse style

What is replacing modern farmhouse style? +7

What is replacing modern farmhouse style? +7, I’ve read more than ten recent articles that say the farmhouse, or some farmhouse style, is definitely obsolete. Some highlights from these articles today and “Is the farmhouse outdated?” I will share what I think about the question.

Tips for Buying an Old Chandelier

Last month Did White Traditional Kitchens Go Out of Fashion? You may remember that I published a blog post titled This topic got a huge backlash and I disagreed with any of the articles I’ve read about it.

But after reading articles asking Is what is replacing modern farmhouse style? I felt a little different. Before you panic and scroll down to comment, please listen to me.

What is replacing modern farmhouse style

Is Your Farmhouse Going Out of Fashion?

However, I agree that there are some what is replacing modern farmhouse style? items that are extremely popular and have become less popular over time. Does that mean they’re not in style? Not necessary.

So, what kind of farmhouse style do I think will always be in vogue?

I’m not saying this because we have two houses over a hundred years old, but the original shipyard in an old house looks great and I think it never goes out of style. But is shipyard in a modern home something that designers and others are wary of? I have no idea.

Authentic old crumbled furniture pieces are great. Personally, I will continue to buy them forever. But most of the articles said that fake chip furniture is less popular now. Maybe this is true. Who knows?

What is replacing modern farmhouse style

What the Articles Said

The first article I read of 4 Reasons These Designers Are Totally Exceeding Farmhouse Décor highlighted four farmhouse trends that are past their heyday. The four were rustic signs, barn house doors, shipyard and farmhouse mixed decor styles.

I think you should read the article to form your own ideas, but I would say that one item that is much less common in our home is farmhouse signage. To be honest, I’m tired of them. But did I get rid of it all? No! The farmhouse sign on our Waco patio is one of my all-time favourites.

Does that mean you have to get rid of what’s in your home? Of course not. Here are a few more articles worth mentioning (please note some of the comments I totally disagree with!)

Is the Farmhouse Out of Fashion?

I understand that some barn style doors are impractical, but they can be great when used correctly. Personally, I think the new glass style barn doors are pretty cool.

These tall vintage doors (seen above) might technically be called barn-style doors, not barn doors. And because I love them, they’re not going anywhere.

What about the shipyard? Shiplap is something I will always love, especially if it is original (as I mentioned above). If you enjoy my blog, you can sign up here to receive my blog updates.

Farmhouse vs Cottagecore

According to an article on Realtor.com, “This trend, although somewhat similar, replaces the popular modern farmhouse trend that, according to the designers, may be on its way out. What people really want right now, more than shiplap and wooden food stalls, is this connection with a real family home. It’s the kind of place where your kids’ heights are written in the doorway,” says McClure.

A more intimate indoor trend, “Cottagecore” is also rapidly gaining in popularity with no apparent signs of slowing down. What started as a Gen Z/millennial social media trope that exploded into full-blown action during the pandemic is often about embracing simple comforts with a nostalgic lens.”

Wait a minute? So how exactly does Cottagecore differ from a farmhouse? (Click the link above for an interesting perspective.) Last time I checked, a “real family home with cozy vintage furnishings” (aka Cottagecore) is the same as a house decorated in a farmhouse style.

What is replacing modern farmhouse style

Easy Ways to Update Your Farmhouse Style

As I mentioned earlier, there are a few farmhouse items that are very popular and can be tiresome in the minds of some of us. If you’re looking for some minor changes to your farmhouse style, these might be ideas to consider.

Farmhouse Signs with Words

We had a lot of written signs in our house but most of them are retired. Over time I replaced them with artwork and most of them became abstract. I admit, most of the art is art that I do so it costs zero, but there are plenty of great and inexpensive pieces of art available for purchase.

Amazon Handmade

I’m really undecided about this because there are a lot of fake vintage items that I really like. Almost every article I read mentioned that fake sawdust products are much less popular than they were a few years ago. However, there are some surprisingly authentic looking faux chip products that are much cheaper than real vintage or antique items. Who can oppose it?

Is Your Farmhouse Going Out of Fashion?

Our Master Bedroom with Cocoon and Branch Linens, As items age, it’s always a good idea to replace them with classic styles and neutrals. I love neutral linens and furniture. Why is that? Why? Because you can always add color without having to change anything first.

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