what is modern farmhouse design

What İs Modern Farmhouse Design

What is modern farmhouse design, the farmhouse interior has been around for a very long time, and a famous TV show(Joanna Gaines) made it even more popular but it still doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon, and neither could we. Happier! So, if you are planning to remodel your home in this style, look no further!

Basics Of Farmhouse İnterior Design

If there's one thing all farmhouse-style homes have in common, it's their unmistakably cozy vibe. There's just something about farmhouse interiors that makes you want to curl up on the couch as you walk through the door! But being comfortable doesn't mean random. On the contrary, the interior design of a farmhouse has its own characteristics, creating a relaxed atmosphere on the one hand and a cohesive and curated style on the other. To begin with, the perfect modern farmhouse style should strike a balance of practicality and elegance. In other words, nothing should appear too fragile to be touched, but the space should still maintain a certain complexity. To achieve this, durable materials should be preferred and mixed with comfortable accessories for a home that is warm, stylish but also extremely practical for everyday life. Another key feature of modern farmhouse interior design is a collective style. You'll never see a bedroom set in a farmhouse, and matching chairs aren't all that common either. In short, match-match is a big no to farmhouse style!

what is modern farmhouse design
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Rustic Finishes, The Signature Of Farmhouse İnterior Design

Whether you prefer a traditional farmhouse or a modern farmhouse style, rustic surfaces will always be your friend. From weathered wood to exposed brick, aged surfaces add instant character to any surface. What's more, their somewhat rough texture creates an effortless vibe typical of the typical interior of any well-designed farmhouse. For example, a brick wall (or even a realistic brick-like wallpaper if you can't change your walls too much) will do wonders for adding a rustic feel to the space. Other modern farmhouse favorites are rustic wood beams that will add instant appeal to any room.

But when we say rustic finishes, we're not just talking about floors, walls and ceilings! So if you don't live in an old mansion in the countryside, fear not! In fact, rustic accents can go anywhere in the house. Even if you start with a modern white canvas (like most rental apartments), they can really help create a farmhouse feel. For example, the perfect aged wood element in the kitchen is a thick butcher block that will withstand hours of cooking while adding charm to the space. Similarly, consider adding rustic wood shelves and cabinets to your stark white walls; You will be impressed by the impact they will make!

what is modern farmhouse design
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Neutral Colors İn Farmhouse İnteriors

All farmhouse interiors share a neutral color palette. So start building your color scheme by mixing different shades of brown or gray. In addition to being ideal for a farmhouse style, sticking to an overall neutral palette is always a great strategy for creating a design you won't get tired of in the long run. Think about it: with a neutral background, you can always spice things up with colorful accents. Changing the accent color will be enough to give your space a completely new look with minimal effort! Speaking of accent colors, you can choose anything from blue to red and yellow in a farmhouse style. That said, it's best to stick to fairly muted tones to get the nature-inspired feel typical of modern farmhouse interior design. From light green to deep blue, burgundy red, burnt orange and mustard yellow!

what is modern farmhouse design
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Basic Farmhouse Decor

It is a known fact that accessories can make or break a design. And farmhouse style is no exception. Therefore, if you are going to design a farmhouse interior, you should also be consistent in your decor. For example, the preferred artworks for a modern farmhouse design are definitely signs and graphics. You can find plenty at all home decor stores, but it's also very easy to do yourself. And a plus of making them yourself is that you can choose the quotes you like best and transform a simple gallery wall from your personal inspiration board! For an even more balanced gallery wall, mix quotes with country-inspired landscapes and botanical prints that can bring that natural inspiration even if you live in the middle of the city.

Other unmissable pieces of decor in a modern farmhouse interior are soft pillows, warm blankets and vintage mirrors. But don't buy everything from the same store! Always remember that perfect farmhouse interiors look spontaneous and collected over time, so stay away from pieces that look too cohesive. And, especially if you choose a modern farmhouse style, don't go overboard! The best farmhouse modern designs only have a few well-placed accessories because too many of them clutter the space!

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