Can farmhouse be black

Can farmhouse be black? + 5 Way

Can farmhouse be black? + 5 Way, when it comes to choosing your home’s fixtures, there are two elements: Metal and finish. Endings include:

  • Polished: Has the brightest appearance
  • Brushed: It has a dull finish which gives it a softer and less shiny appearance.
  • Satin: The dullest surface, usually achieved by a chemical treatment
  • Antique: A brushed or satin finish, often paired with an aged tone on metal
  • Matte: A flat surface obtained by various methods

So which of these is best for modern farmhouse style? Here are a few of our favourites.

Matte Black Metal Finish

“It’s the hottest finish we’ve seen right now,” says Kathryn Towns of Delaney Hardware. Matte black is a great choice for farmhouse style because it can have a modern or rustic feel depending on the other items you pair with it.

Antique Brass Metal Plated

Can farmhouse be black? Polished surfaces give a more modern feel because they are glossy, and polished brass was popular around the middle of the century. If you want a more modern feel, go with a polished brass. For a more rustic farmhouse feel, choose a different finish such as brushed or antique over brass.

Polished Chrome Metal Plated

Polished brass has a modern feel, while polished chrome is classic. It’s a popular finish for cottage style, so if you like to mix traditional or charming elements in your farmhouse, chrome would be a good look. It’s also less expensive than some other metals, so it’s a budget buy.

Brushed Nickel Metal Finish

As with other metals, a polished surface will appear shiny, while an antique or brushed surface will appear softer. Brushed nickel is a great choice if you want a silver color that doesn’t have too much shine. Nickel is more expensive than chrome, but has a warmer tone than the cooler tone of chrome.

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